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Mobile Tech News: A smartphone With 9 Camera Lenses Coming Soon


Light, the brand run by photographers which specialises itself in the camera manufacturing domain, is now gearing up for a first-of-its-kind smartphone launch which has as many as 9 cameras on the back.

Light is the same company which gained limelight when the announced their flagship product – the Light L16, a compact camera that uses highly sophisticated  technology to combine ten different images into a single, detailed picture.

The L16 featured a whopping 52 MP camera with an impressively wide dynamic range. 16 individual camera lenses with 5x optical zoom make this thing one of the best high-end professional camera set-ups which excel in every department. The Light L16 gathered quite some buzz and was received well by critics.

Now Coming For Smartphones

Light, with its camera expertise, is now trying to shake up the smartphone industry with its rumoured phone with 9 camera lenses.

The maximum number of camera lenses we have seen on a single camera set up seem to be four, present on the Huawei P20 Pro. The use of dual camera lenses remains the most popular idea among phones. We’ll have to wait and see how can they managed nine lenses. 

According to reports by Washington Post, a few prototypes of the phone with five to 9 camera lenses on the back have been revealed – meaning this thing could well be a possibility and might see a consumer release. The smartphone will not only feature 9 cameras but will also include the whole host of unique features.such as all glass screen, in-display FP scanners etc.

With all these extraordinary features the price tag is bound to be on the premium side. According to reports, the price tag for the phone could be around the $2000 mark. As the phone is still in the pre-production phase the launch of it seems unlikely in near future.

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