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Moto Mods: All you need to know


In the beginning of this year, LG came out with its latest flagship device called G5 and garnered a lot of attention owing to the complete overhaul of the handset. Gone were the days of plastic backs and rear mounted audio buttons, the new handset came with metal unibody and a semi modular design. However, the device did not do well considering the fact that user had to remove the entire chin of the handset and the battery to put on a mod. Lenovo was quick to pick on the trail and launched Moto Z handset with similar functionality where user only has to snap on the mod to 16 pin magnetic connector on the rear panel of the device. This is a lot convenient and is sure to sit well with Indian users. In a way, what LG conceptualized, Lenovo revolutionized it. The brand has now launched its flagship device in the country with the entire lineup of Moto Mods with it. Here is a detailed insight into Moto Mods that are available to purchase as standalone or bundled with flagship device.

Hassleblad True Zoom


This particular mod will appeal to those who are not satisfied with the in-built camera of the handset and expect more from it. Designed on the lines of a Hassleblad Camera, this mod brings 10x zoom and a Xenon flash to the rear camera of Moto Z or Moto Z Play. If you are planning to use this mod, you will be able to capture images in RAW format for post processing and also be able to backup your click on Cloud storage quite seamlessly. A must have for budding photographers, this mod comes with a price tag of INR 14,999 when bundled with the phone and INR 19,999 as a standalone mod.

JBL Soundboost


Have you ever wished that your smartphone speaker sounded as good as the wireless portable speaker that you are forced to carry, then here is your answer. Lenovo has partnered with JBL to come up with the Soundboost mod, which will turn your smartphone into a powerful music system. Built like a tank, this mod also brings extra battery on-board and adds additional 10 hours of usage to the battery life. You can make this yours for just INR 6,999 or INR 5,999 if you get it with your phone.

Moto Insta-Share Projector


Who has not thought of being able to turn any surface into their own personal theatre to play videos and movies on. Imagine being able to watch your favourite movie on the ceiling of your room when you are comfortably tucked into your bed. Therefore, when we heard about the Moto Insta-share Projector mod, we could not contain our excitement. This mod allows users to project their pictures, videos, shows and games among others on a big screen upto 70-5 inches, which is quite impressive. This can be picked for INR 15,999 with the handset and INR 19,999 by itself.

Incipio offGRID Power Pack



Check any hardcore smartphones user’s backpack or carryall and you are bound to find a couple of cables as well as a powebrick. To be fair, as new age smartphones get slimmer, it is the battery underneath the rear panel that takes the hit. Motorola was quick to realise this and launched a Moto Mod dedicated to such users, which has been designed by premium battery pack maker Incipio. Called offGRID Power Pack, this Moto Mod adds another 2200 mAh to the existing battery of the handset. This can be bought for INR 4,999 with Moto Z or for INR 5,999 separately.

Moto Style Shells


These are purely cosmetic Mods, which are available in three finishes viz. wood, leather and ballistic nylon startin from INR 1099. Motorola will be offering one of these for free with every Moto Z and Moto Z Play. There is a reason behind this, as the camera bump on these handset protrudes like a camel hump to accommodate Moto Mods and in case you are not using any mod, you are at a constant risk of damaging the camera. Moto Style Shells not only enhances the whole look of the device, but also protects the camera from getting shattered.


There is no doubt that with its newest flagship device and Moto Mods, Motorola has upped its game in India and overall smartphone domain. Are you tempted to get one for yourself with a mod of your choice? Sell your old phone for instant cash on spot with Cashify.in and get your hands on the latest Moto from US based brand.


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