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#MoveOnKaro With #Cashify & #SellYourPhoneIn60Seconds.


Ever wondered what people do with their Old #Smartphones? Find out what Badri did with his Old Sayoni!

Sell your phone in 60seconds
#MoveOnKaro with Cashify

Our Phones are extensions of our personal selves, and picking one is pretty much like picking our partners. Their beauty, their relationship with us, or even the tantrums they throw, are all part of the package that we grow to love and hate simultaneously.

But if it’s not working out, it’s just time to move on isn’t it? Badri couldn’t agree more. Which is why he decide he had to, uhm, #MoveOnKaro with his smartphone. It’d been a while, and while they’d gotten along just fine, it just wasn’t working out anymore. Can’t blame him.

Plus he’d really gotten to like this new Sayoni Y2 recently. Their eyes first met at the online store when the smartphone launched. She seemed to check all the right boxes – great looks, extremely intelligent (with a snappy Snapdragon processor) on the inside, and she was an overachiever that’d inspire the best in him as well, with her stunning camera, plenty of RAM, and those exceedingly loud and quality speakers.

What began as a playful game of staring and checking each other out on his browser soon turned serious. And pretty soon Badri took the important decision of taking the next step and initiated his purchase.

Now, like the good guy Badri was, he made sure to end his previous relationship in time. And he wasn’t going to make it awkward. With a Cashify pick-up scheduled, complete with a doorstep service and a great price, this was headed for a sweet end and a win-win for both of them. But things did not go as planned though, with girlfriend Sayoni not taking this news so well. Who would’ve thought she didn’t believe in #MoveOnKaro?

Sounds familiar? We know how hard it is to give up on years of a relationship with your smartphone, and how difficult it can get to chuck your older smartphone in a drawer and look ahead to a new one, however nice the one may be.


Which is why, to help you #MoveOnKaro from your smartphone, Cashify will be at your service (and your doorstep as well) to buy your device and make this important transition easier!

#SellYourPhoneIn60Seconds. Or should we say, Cashify your phone in 60 seconds?