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Mozilla To End Its Firefox OS For Leading Smartphones!


It seems that the days of Mozilla Firefox OS for smartphones are limited. The long term association of Mozilla’s operating system with leading smartphones is indeed on the verge of its end. This plan is expected to be made effective in the month of May along with the release of Firefox OS 2.6.


There has been an official confirmation from the company that states that Mozilla will be announcing their end-of-life support plans for smartphones post the Firefox OS 2.6 release. This clearly shows the whole team of Firefox OS for smartphones which used to be a part of developing and supporting Mozilla products by way of creating a livable work force, will be absolutely free after that.




Mozilla which is famed for ensuring satisfied customers mainly with their budget devices gave this indication two months back. It was said that they will discontinue their services on mobile phones. A marketplace which is the hub for Mozilla apps will cease to accept any kind of such submissions for desktop, Android as well as tablet from 29th March 2016. Thereby, those apps which are unsupportive to Firefox OS will eventually be removed.


Although Mozilla community has indicated that Firefox OS apps will be accepted in 2017, a particular date has not been finalized as yet. It is to be noted that the year of inception of Firefox OS was 2012 and its popularity was worth to be witnessed as it was designed alternatively as an operating system for mobile devices.




However with time, due to the entry of other platforms such as Android, it ceased to cement its ground. Hence, it is only a matter of time before we would see an end of Mozilla’s support for smartphones due to the rise of competition. Although, Firefox OS was the result of a thorough and innovative process, yet it failed to meet the expectations from the beginning.


It is also being stated that Mozilla is going under a testing phase for new products that the customers might witness in the market soon. Moreover, three of its many products have also passed the first stage. For all those using Mozilla OS and feel like upgrading their phones, remember that users can always sell their old mobiles at ReGlobe in exchange for instant cash and a free pick up schedule. For a speedy quote, download the Cashify App now!


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