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How Much is Your Phone Worth?

how to evaluate the cost of your old phone, find out now

We all go through those times when we feel that we have spent enough time with our current phone and want to sell it and buy another new and better phone. Easy said, the most important factor to decide which phone to buy for many is the price one gets after selling the phone.


A recent flagship or a high end phone can easily fetch quite some bucks once sold, but when one is stuck with an old phone, obtaining a good price for what it is worth is quite difficult. What should be done then, to get the most cash out of your old phone? What are the factors that influence the cost at which it sells? This article aims to inform you about just that.


Let’s begin then.


What are the main factors in a phone which can vary its cost?



The age of the phone is one thing that everyone notices. No one likes to buy old outdated smartphones. And likewise, the same goes for selling one too. It is safe to estimate that a phone’s value halves within its first year. Bought a phone for 30K today? You probably can’t sell it for more than 15K next year. This of course, may not be true for all handsets and brands.


Damage is divided into many minor or major types, either aesthetic or functional. Yes it’s true that many recommerce companies buy phones which don’t even turn on. But quite obviously, they don’t sell for a lot. Minor damages, however, like small scratches on the screen or on the surface of the phone, discoloration or wearing of the paint, or minor dents don’t matter that much. But if you have anything major, don’t expect a good resell value.

Physical factors

These include any faulty component in the phone, like a non-functional SD card slot, or faulty volume buttons. An overheating battery too is a problem. A phone with a lower than average battery life will sell for lesser than expected rates. Many such factors contribute to the price tag of the phone. These physical attributes have a significant weightage on the price of a phone. A defect can single handedly lower a phone’s resale price by many notches. If you’re the one selling a defective phone, it’s a good idea to not negotiate too hard.


Smart selling of the phone is too, a very important factor in order to ensure that your phone sells at the best rate. Re-commerce firms like ReGlobe provide a nice and reasonable rate for old smartphones, wherein, up to 14 tests are conducted on the resold device, all faulty components replaced and the device, be it the most recent flagship, is sold at eye popping prices.


Would you like to sell your old phone for the best price then? Go no further. ReGlobe is your best stop.



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