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Need reasons to splurge? Welcome to Myntra EORS 2017!


It’s the season to go all out and splurge! Why so? Duh! It’s Christmas time! It’s New Year time! And it is also the time for Myntra EORS (End of Reason Sale, silly!). So what’s up for grabs?

Starting on the 22nd of December until the 25th of December, there’s a lot on offer during the crazy sale period. Here’s what to expect:
1. Jaw Dropping Discounts
2. Steal Deals
3. Mystery Deals
4. Minimum 50-80% off

With exciting deals on a plethora of brands and products, shoppers are sure to be spoilt for choices!

What’s more?

Cashify can make the deal a tad bit sweeter for you. How you ask? Opt for a Myntra shopping voucher when you sell your device on Cashify and get up to 10% extra on the resale value of your used device. You can use the same voucher to shop during the End of Reason Sale! Yay! That sounds like a plan, no?

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas?