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Cool New Features Of Windows 10 Yet To Be Explored!


Windows 10 has brought a range of new features to itself. Within 6 months of its inception, Windows 10 has touched more than 200 million devices over 192 countries across the world. However, not everybody is well aware of all the features that Windows 10 has in store for users.


Split View




The name pretty much speaks for itself. This feature allows you to use multiple screens at the same time. All you need to do is drag a window to the side to fill it half or a quarter. Having done that, you will find a Windows icon which you can make use of to fill the remaining space on your screen.


Notification Screen


Just like the notification panel on your Smartphones, Windows 10 has an action centre, which can be found by swiping the screen from the right. Here, you will be able to see screenshots, information related to recent activity and others.  You can check it once in a while to stay updated.






This icon basically makes it easier for you to use applications and open them at the same time. You can customize the layout as per your preferences by making use of the grid layout or the others available. On your first occasion of visiting the task view interface, you can make use of the “Add a desktop” option from the bottom of the screen which will take you to a virtual laptop.


Virtual Desktops


Those who know how Mac and Linux functions, will surely know well about this feature. For the others who are not aware, this feature comes handy when you don’t wish to keep shuffling between multiple monitors and work up on a single screen. Use Alt+Tab to move from one app to the other and make use of the Windows+Ctrl key to move between the desktops.


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Cortana is one super useful application on your Windows 10 to help you get all the details about emails. Weather, find documents and a lot more at your voice command. It might seem to be just another feature, but it is indeed a useful one.






This doesn’t need much introduction, but Xbox is one of the coolest features on your Windows 10. Play with friends and have the best gaming experience ever.


On the whole, Windows 10 has undergone a huge transformation indeed and will help you know more about various apps and functions. Once you get your own copy, there is a lot that you are yet to explore with Windows 10!


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