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New iPad Pro said to drop 3.5mm jack


As we all know, the all-new iPad Pro is set to launch later this year. There have been much speculation and many rumours in the market about it already. Let’s start with the specifications and the hardware details.

Design & Architecture

Based on the rumors, the new iPad Pro will feature a 10.5-inch screen. The dimensions will make the device a little smaller in length, and wider compared to the current iPad in the market. It will be only 6mm thick. To do this, Apple has continued with the same action plan. Apple plans to ditch the 3.5mm jack in the design of 2018 iPad Pro. This will hurt a lot of users who are so used to the port for audio purposes.

The iPhone users, however, would be familiar with the procedure. For the ones buying the iPad Pro and worrying about the jack, Apple has made provisions for the same. There will be a smart converter provided in each box. This smart converter will feature the 3.5mm jack towards one end and the other end will be attached to the charging port. And the AirPods are getting an upgrade too.

One of the major disadvantages of this is that the users will not be able to use the headphones when the iPad Pro is being charged. A similar change will be seen in the other variant of the iPad Pro too. The one with the 12.9-inch screen will be around 7mm thick and not feature a 3.5mm jack as well. The primary aim of ditching the jack is to cut the thickness of the tablet and bring it near to the lighting cable port. This will cause a little inconvenience in the beginning, which may then prove to be useful because of its thickness.

Face ID

It is also being said that the new iPad Pro will support the Face ID unlock. The Face ID unlock was first featured in iPhone 7. It has proven very useful for the users who do not wish to enter the password or use the fingerprint during frequent screen off and on. However, in both the variants, Face ID cannot be used while the device is in the horizontal position. This will be a little hassle because the tablet is most conveniently used when in the horizontal position.

A speculated design by the Apple enthusiasts.

The new models of iPad Pro will be shipped in the fall. Before they do, you might want to sell your existing tablet on Cashify.



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