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New Nokia Phones Coming With Zeiss Lenses Again

New Nokia Phones Coming With Zeiss Lenses Again

It’s well known by know that Nokia is very much on a track of revival, with HMD Global having been set up for this very purpose. The new range of Nokia Android phones should have a host of attractive features, and with the tying up of Zeiss with HMD Global, things have become more interesting.

Long Awaited Reunion

HMD Global and Zeiss have tied up for a long-term partnership that will bring new imaging standards to the industry by focusing on screen quality and optic design. It is believed that the partnership will bring a complete imaging experience to the customers. In addition to this, the partnership will try to improve quality across software and services.

The agreement certainly presents good news for those willing to invest in Nokia again, with the expertise of the two brands sure to set new standards. Nokia phones are already a very popular brand owing to their excellent build quality and materials as well as top-end security. With the addition of the Zeiss camera, the new Nokia Android phones may already be a winner.


However, HMD Global did not give a specific time of launch of the phones with the Zeiss camera. “In due time” is what Florian Seiche, President, HMD Global said when asked about a launch date. Dr. Matthias Metz (Member, Executive Board, Zeiss Group) also said that the collaboration will enhance the “consumers’ holistic imaging experience based on excellence and innovation”.

Things certainly look very optimistic for Nokia with this announcement, with the demand for high-quality camera continuously on the rise.

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