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Next-gen Apple AirPods Could Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone


It seems Apple has embarked on a crusade to engulf everyone in its ecosystem. When we say ecosystem we mean the Apple line of products which are connected to one another through Apple’s seamless integration. This makes all Apple devices a breeze to use, whether it is a MacBook or an iPad or an iPhone or a Homepod.

We are also aware that Apple has made wireless charging accessible on its latest iPhone series. Now a new report has said that Apple could actually be using its next-gen AirPods case to wirelessly charge your iPhone as well. The current dock that Apple already has can charge the AirPods, Apple Watch and the iPhone simultaneously.

The current AirPods neither receive (a Qi-compatible case has been announced, but isn’t shipping) nor transmit wireless charging. On top of that we can see that the AirPods themselves have what we can say is a comparatively puny 398mAh battery inside it, hardly enough to be a valuable external battery for an iPhone.

A port-less iPhone?

There is a strong possibility that Apple could be making a device that has zero ports on it and it is quite possible that Apple is looking into a fully wireless future for the iPhone. The problem is that the foundation of wireless charging spots at various places remains could be considered as very poor, and that is even after Apple adopted the same standard as Samsung.

How Apple will manage to make the AirPods wirelessly charge a new iPhone which might also come with a 3,000 mAh battery is baffling. As it is, Apple does not offer Wireless charging out of the box and you have to shell out an extra 50 bucks for getting it.

Open Questions

Now it is quite well known that the AirPods are quite convenient for iPhone users and also it would seem that they are quite portable as well. Will this charging case actually change the way we charge our iPhones? Will it be too bulky to carry around in your jeans? Will it have fast charging capabilities? These are all pertinent questions that need to be answered before we can figure out how useful this new AirPods plus iPhone charger is.

What we can undoubtedly say is that if Apple manages to deliver on all the above questions, then an AirPods case that can charge iPhones wirelessly is going to be quite an elegant aid to pushing wireless charging to replace cables. Apple’s endgame looks to have wireless charging as widespread as Wi-Fi is today. That would most certainly be the revolutionary game that Apple is looking for since it very famously dropped Floppy support from its devices back in the 90s.

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