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Nokia 9 To Come With Snapdragon 845 And Best In Class Camera

Source: Kimovil

Looks like Nokia has made a very impressive comeback in the mobile world. At least by what the current statistics indicate. The company has managed to sell out more phones in 2017 than HTC, Google and Motorolla combined, and this is some feat for a mobile company which was considered all but dead back in 2011-12.

Back With A Bang

In all likelihood, Nokia will indeed be looking for a big flagship launch in 2018 and the very first of the flagships was seen at MWC 2018, the Nokia 8 Sirocco. The phone was quite amazing to look at and the internal specs were off the chart. Nokia is looking to do one up over that impressive design by launching what might be a revolutionary flagship device that will be looking to focus solely on the camera of the device.

The Nokia 9 has been amidst the rumour mills for quite some time and it looks like the phone is actually going to see the light of day somewhere in Q2 of this year. What Nokia is trying to do though is build up a lot of hype for this new device, like it did for the Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Nokia 9 Specifications

NokiaPowerUser has reported that the new and upcoming Nokia 9 should be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 SoC and that along with Nokia 9 we are expected to see a Nokia 8 Pro smartphone launched as well. Now the really mind-blowing thing about the Nokia 9 is that the phone is expected to have the best camera on any Nokia phone till now.

We have come across several rumours surrounding a massive penta-lens system in the Nokia 8 Pro. If reports are to be believed then the Nokia 9 is going to trump even that.

Some other things that the Nokia 9 is expected to sport include an in-display fingerprint sensor, the likes of which we have seen only on the Vivo X20 UD and the Vivo Apex smartphone. It should come as little surprise considering the entire tech world is moving towards reducing the bezels on the phone and giving more real estate to the display.

If the in-display fingerprint rumours are true then we can expect that the Nokia 9 will sport an OLED display, like it has in the Nokia 8 Sirocco. There will obviously be reduced bezels around the phone, with a curved inifinity display like feature also in the mix. With all these features we can expect that the Nokia 9 price will shoot up to perhaps $800 and definitely more than the Nokia 8 Pro.

No word is out yet if these devices will hit the Indian market are not. However, seeing that Nokia had launched its last flagship, Nokia 8 in India, it is possible that the same will happen for the Nokia 8 Pro and the Nokia 9. In any case, we shall keep our eyes peeled for the launch of this new smartphone.