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Nokia 9 To Launch Alongside Second-Gen Nokia 8

Source: Kimovil

There are many rumours coming out of the Nokia rumour mill lately. If they are to be believed, then it would appear that the Nokia 9 may be unveiled alongside the second generation Nokia 8 on 19 January at an event in China.

Design & Price

It looks like that several reports have claimed that both the devices will be fine-tuned to suit the Chinese market. The pricetag of the flagship Nokia 8 has not been revealed yet. However screenshots of the alleged Nokia 9 have been put out, and it looks like the 64 GB Nokia 9 will most probably cost you around CNY 3,700 (approx Rs 37,000). The 128 GB will cost CNY 4,199 (approx Rs 42,000).

More recently a report on news.mydriver has indicated that the Nokia 9 has a 2K display with a 5.5-inch screen. Much to the disappointment of the Nokia fans, it doesn’t look like the Nokia 9 would have a full-screen display. However, the second gen Nokia 8 has been tipped to have an 18:9 aspect ratio screen.


One thing that is certain though – the devices are going to pack in the Snapdragon 835 chipset. They will also be waterproof and have a dual camera system. At the moment there is no word whether this will be a wide-angle and telephoto setup or an RBG and Monochrome setup. One thing that will be pinching audiophiles is the fact that both the devices will not have a headphone jack.

There have been reports earlier this year that have pointed out to the fact that the Nokia 9 may have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge type curved glass on its display, and a fingerprint sensor below the dual-camera setup. Beyond this, no one has any useful information on either the Nokia 9 or the second-gen Nokia 8. But we can be sure that in the coming weeks we will get more rumours about the device.

Source: Firstpost

There was another leak coming from a Twitter tipster, who has hinted on a render of the device that looks very close to the one Baidu leak back in August. The render is the creation of the tipster himself, showcasing the front of the device as well as the rear.

Even though the rear looks similar to the Baidu leak, the front has more similarities to the Nokia 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Also, there is the fact that there are ultra-thin-bezels on the left and right. Meanwhile the top and bottom showcase bezels that appear similar to the stuff we have on the Galaxy Note 8.

The launch is getting its fair share of hype, and rightfully so. Nokia has been putting out some really good devices lately, and the Nokia 9 should likely add to that list. If you’re planning on getting yourself one, we recommend selling your current phone on Cashify for a good price!