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Nokia Catwalk Or Cat On The Wall?


Rising once again and making the best efforts to come back with a bang in the smartphone market, Nokia is coming up with a great idea to be unfolded soon. Post Microsoft took over the mobile giant and Lumia series met with a lot of success, Nokia once again has something impressive in wraps.


nokia_03 (1)


Drafted with an eye to detail by the renowned designer Edgar Mkrtchyan, Nokia will be showcasing a fascinating phone, much famed as Nokia Catwalk or the brand new Nokia 1008 WP8. Having enabled the phone to support Window 8 Blue OS, this multi-faceted mobile by Nokia will be introduced with many other attractive features like wireless charging, 2GB RAM and a 32GB ROM.


The most appealing feature that this phone upholds is a twisting camera barrel which can rotate 360 degrees. It provides a flexible and enormous range of angles for all pictures with its 38MP PureView camera which makes sure that the quality is not being compromised on. Another feature which Nokia refuses to let go is the slim body of the phone which appears to be classy and elegant.


nokia_01 (1)



This is not all. There’s a lot more than what meets the eye and Nokia Catwalk is more than a powerful camera and a sleek body. Other eye-catching specs that Nokia 1008 WP8 comprises are light notification LEDs, optical zoom ×3, and a battery of 3200mAh. Snapdragon 600 1.6 GHz and Adreno 320 will be installed as the CPU and GPU.


nokia02 (1)


What’s more is that the device’s flipside can be made using a 3D printer thus, assisting the user with options and preferences. Nokia Catwalk is quiet a ‘have-it-all’ phone. More than it seems, we hope that this phone would bring back Nokia into the market. In case you feel like upgrading to a latest smartphone right away, you can sell your old mobile at Cashify for instant cash along with a free schedule. For a speedy quote, download the Cashify App!


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