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OnePlus 5 & OnePlus 5T get OnePlus 6’s selfie portrait feature in an update

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OnePlus launched two flagship phones in 2017 – the OnePlus 5 and its successor, the OnePlus 5T. The phones proved fairly successful in the market thanks to their user experience, backed  by the ultra-modern hardware and optimised software on the devices. However, there were some flaws in the devices. These flaws are generally regarding the front-facing camera. A lot of phones in the market today have dual front-facing cameras, enhancing the quality of the selfies captured by the users. OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T lack dual cameras, instead featuring only one front-facing camera of 16 megapixels.

OnePlus And Its Cameras

In general, OnePlus devices have not been known for their camera quality. There are no unique features that distinguish a OnePlus camera from others. When the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T were launched, certain software optimisations made the cameras more powerful – such as the bokeh effect and the portrait mode. But again, these were only available for the rear camera. The front camera did not prove to be unique or extraordinary. After a lot of user reviews aimed at the front camera improvisation, the company seems to have listened and delivered.

The OnePlus 6 was launched in 2018, and significant improvements were made in its camera app. The rear camera is a 16MP shooter, which uses a Sony sensor, and can be used for 4K recording at 60fps. The rear camera had nearly same features as the 5 and 5T’s rear camera. The portrait mode, night mode, slow motion, time lapse etc. were kept intact. But there was a major improvement in the front camera. The front camera of the OnePlus 6 aims at a selfie portrait mode. This gives a DSLR-like effect even when you are clicking a selfie.

Now On The OnePlus 5 and 5T

The OnePlus community demanded a similar feature in the previous flagships 5 and 5T. In the latest OS update – OxygenOS 5.0.6 – this feature was included in the front camera for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.

However, there is a catch here. The front-facing cameras in 5 and 5T do not have the same hardware as OnePlus 6 front cameras. So, the quality of the selfies captured will definitely improve, but users cannot expect the exact quality of selfies as clicked on the OnePlus 6.

There are other features such as instant Face Unlock included in the update. The updates in the previous versions of OnePlus devices such as 3 and 3T should not take much time. Users can enroll for the Open Beta program where they can read about Project Treble and also camera enhancement techniques.

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