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OnePlus 5T and Galaxy S9 Dominated The Indian Market This Year


Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 5T have been some of the most highly sold flagship devices in the country. In that sense, one can also see that the upcoming OnePlus 6 and the Galaxy Note 9 would also be the hottest flagship phones.

OnePlus Domination

This has been somewhat of a trend we have seen since the last couple of years. OnePlus as a company has been continuously offering products with the best possible hardware, at very minimalistic prices. So much so that it according to a recent counterpoint research, OnePlus now actually owns more than 48 percent of the market share in India. This was earlier the case with the Galaxy line of smartphones.

Now Xiaomi is also launching flagship devices and the market space has become very crowded. To be quite fair one has to even consider Apple into the mix, but their current flagship product, the iPhone X has been the most expensive consumer electronic mobile handset of all time. And Apple is not going to shy away from putting the $1000 mark on its phone in the coming years as phones are going to get more expensive.

The fact that OnePlus and Samsung are successful is because they have priced their devices considerably lower and offer the best specs at that price. Samsung is also the biggest producer of OLED panels and has the best displays in the industry. OnePlus has also been including OLED panels manufactured by Samsung. In a budget-sensitive market like India, it would seem that budget phones might not find such a huge chunk of the smartphone population.

Affordable with Cashify

However, several offers such as Cashify’s exchange program for exchanging your old smartphones for cash has been very beneficial people. Incidentally, Cashify is also the official exchange partner of Samsung and OnePlus.

The upcoming smartphone from OnePlus, called the OnePlus 6, is tipped to be a little more expensive than the OnePlus devices that have been launched before it. However, the intense marketing campaign being run by the company will most probably see a great launch of the device.

Samsung has offered a lot of different discounts on its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones. So much so that after exchange and discounts sometimes the effective price of the device happens to be about Rs 38,000. However, there are many conditions applied to this. Added to this is Flipkart’s initiative of zero payment EMI options, wherein you can effectively buy the device for free and pay the monthly installments at a minimal rate.

It would seem that since Samsung has been an established brand name for the last 10 years, its products are also selling fast. OnePlus has already overtaken Samsung in the flagship smartphone space and it would seem that its upward curve will only continue.