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OnePlus 7 Will Be 5G Enabled And Sold Via US Telecom Carriers


OnePlus has been at the forefront of mobile innovation and especially for the Indian market. Anywhere in the country, a flagship phone with a budget in mind will be immediately associated with the OnePlus (which also launched a midnight black version of the OnePlus 6 recently). But how did the smartphone company get to this point?

Innovating Marketing

The strategy is quite simple and straightforward. Market a phone on non-expensive channels such as social media, run a tightly knit marketing campaign and above all, make the phone sell at a compelling price point while providing the best in class hardware. In that sense, OnePlus has taken over the mobile market quite nicely.

As a matter of fact, established players such as Samsung and the likes are trembling because of OnePlus 6’s runaway success. Now if recent reports are to be believed then it would seem that the OnePlus 7 device which is on its way next year, could most likely be the very first smartphone that will support 5G.

5G OnePlus Incoming

This information comes straight from the horse’s mouth as OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai that the company has structured a plan for working with at least one US mobile carrier to initiate a 5G smartphone launch sometime next year. Other reports have indicated that as was the case this year, OnePlus will be looking to turn the tables on Samsung again in terms of raw processing speeds. This is after the company said it will not be launching any mid range phone until 2021.

Although both the S9 and OnePlus 6 run on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, Samsung looks quite weak in front of the OnePlus 6. A 5G compatible OnePlus smartphone alongside the device’s incredible performance would make this a breakthrough OnePlus device for sure.

As of right now, the only thing that has been confirmed is this 5G information that has been released about the OnePlus device launching next year. If the past is any indicator, then we are sure to see another OnePlus device at the end of this year and it will most likely be called the OnePlus 6T.

US Carrier Deal

One more detail to look out for here is the mobile carrier with whom OnePlus plans to strike a deal. In the US there is this system wherein we see that no matter which phone you buy all of them, by and large, are sold by the major mobile carriers. This means that they will run only on the specific carrier’s network. If the deal goes through then we can be sure that the next gen OnePlus device will be the first OnePlus device sold via a mobile carrier.

OnePlus will surely kill of all competition with such an impressive smartphone. Also, Apple’s iPhone could be the next smartphone to get a 5G chipset. Keep on the lookout for 5G smartphones in the future, and a lookout for your phone’s selling price on Cashify for when you upgrade!