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OnePlus Brings 5G To MWC 2019; Not Sure It It’s Oneplus 7


OnePlus has become synonymous with quality, high-end products at affordable price points. Sure, a few years ago, its devices were more affordable than today, but the quality of its products has remained consistent over time. The Chinese smartphone maker made its first appearance at MWC this year and it had something special to show to the world.

OnePlus demoed a prototype device that they said was ready for 5G. This is the first leap by the smartphone maker in the 5G domain and the smartphone maker has confirmed that it will be the very first to bring the technology to India as well. Now, we must not assume that this device is OnePlus 7, as the company has not stated so.

The device was heavily shielded in a what reviewers call as an embargo wrap, which made it impossible to discern the finer details of the device. It was clear that OnePlus just wanted to give the world a sneak peek into what it has been doing about the 5G handset. On the show floor, the device-maker showed a device whose screen was the only part visible. The device looked to have a taller-than-usual aspect ratio, which many people have assumed to be 21:9. Only one other smartphone has had such a tall screen and that was the Sony Xperia 1.

OnePlus’s Tryst With 5G

Apart from showcasing this device, OnePlus also announced its partnership with Qualcomm over the years and how it had helped the Chinese company gain worldwide recognition. This partnership is going to be quite necessary if OnePlus is to move forward with 5G technology.

OnePlus will be one of the very first 5G smartphone makers to enter the UK market with a 5G-ready phone. This has been accomplished with a successful partnership with British telecom giant EE. We also have news that the brand will be making its 5G phone available in Finland as well after having a successful 26-month partnership with Elisa, which is the country’s leading telecom provider.

The 5G device will be using the Snapdragon 855 chipset and the X50 5G modem to make use of the high latency network. The OnePlus 7, which is quite possibly releasing in the month of May or June, will likely be the successor to the OnePlus 6. While the 5G device is said to be priced somewhere around $750 – $800, the 7 should be launched at a relatively lower price point since it will only have the 4G capability.


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