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OnePlus captures 48% premium market share in India


Most of India has now heard about the Chinese smartphone maker going by the name of OnePlus. Starting out in 2013 as a exclusive brand giving customers the best possible hardware at minimal pricing, the company has now been moulded as one of the top smartphone brands in the premium segment.

OnePlus was an instant favourite due to its exclusivity in giving out products. The company has built a big community now, but in its initial days the OnePlus fanbase had to go through a whole different process to get their OnePlus device as compared to other smartphone makers. The OnePlus One launched in 2013 was only available to select customers who were not only part of the OnePlus community but also had exclusive invites given out by the company.

Samsung Far Behind

This exclusive business strategy has played out hugely in favour of the company which as of right now boasts of 48 percent market share in the premium smartphone segment. It has left competitors like Apple and Samsung quite far behind in the dust wherein the latter now has only 18 percent of the flagship market share.

Before OnePlus entered the market, the only companies which had a substantial market share in the flagship industry where Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG. With OnePlus’ solid performance devices being sold at prices that were nearly half of its competition, the Chinese smartphone maker has eliminated most of its competitors in a matter of 3-4 years.

Those that do remain have become vary of OnePlus’ increasing dominance in the country’s market space. Though OnePlus also tries its hand at the mid-price segment with the OnePlus X, it was quite unsuccessful and had to suffer a few setbacks. However, since the launch of the hugely successful OnePlus 3, the company has not looked back even once and has continued to set milestones in the selling industry.

Courtesy: OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T had seen extremely fast flash sales, as units continued to disappear faster than OnePlus could manufacture the devices. However, the trend of low priced OnePlus devices may come to an end, as the 5T is priced at Rs 38,000. Still, it does not seem to be deterring the big fanbase that the company has acquired since the start. Even in the US, where nearly 50 percent of the market is dominated by Apple iPhones, the OnePlus phones have still been reported to be sold out.

Fans can only hope that the company continues forward with its winning formula of success. In the near future the company may even corner 70-80 percent of the flagship market share. However, if the firm continues to increase the price of the devices, it will soon have the phones priced similarly as the competition – and that wasn’t the point of the ‘Flagship Killer’ company, was it?

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