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OnePlus, An epitome of flagship smartphones with reasonable price-tags


The company started its race in the global market in 2014 with the first Smartphone killer and they nailed it with OnePlus One. Earlier the device was sold based on invite system since they had very low inventory. With the device specification, the elegant design and the offered price, the smartphone won many hearts.

One Plus 3T

Next up in 2015, the second iteration of the device was much hyped before its launch but it couldn’t leave a mark like the first one did, despite having good specifications and other great features. This was one of the first devices with USB Type-C charging adapter. And with this OnePlus started to grow and it bid Good Bye to their typical ‘invite’ system. Further, they came up with a trim down version of this flagship, One Plus X later in 2015 for the budget-centric people.

One plus 3T
Now comes the 2016 edition of OnePlus, the OnePlus 3. A supreme, elegant and a powerful smartphone put together in an aluminum frame and the slimmest device from the company till date. They have taken great care while making the device. A metal unibody smartphone with antenna lines running at its back and with the OnePlus Logo just beneath the camera hump makes an elegant shot. With this, the company also introduced the concept of ‘Dash Charging’. It is something better than the fast charging and helps to charge the entire battery of the device in just a few mins more than an hour time. The device can also be charged till its 60% in just 30 minutes of time. Even if someone uses their device while charging it, there won’t be any such difference in the percentage, unlike other smartphones.

Let us quickly jot down the key features of OnePlus 3

One plus 3 specifications

The OnePlus 3 was designed to perfection and it’s a perfect device carrying an affordable price tag and comes in two color variants: Graphite and Soft Gold. Comparing with other flagship devices, it fights neck to neck with Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in terms of Camera performance and processing speed. Till date, OnePlus 3 has the best-optimized RAM management with its 6GB of RAM. Though we expected a little better battery in this device but still it gives a great performance and an average screen on time of 4hours and 40 mins which is pretty good for a flagship.

Keeping of few drawbacks in mind, OnePlus has announced a newer iteration of OnePlus 3 later the year and named it as OnePlus 3T. T might stand out for Turbo-Charged probably or something else we are not sure yet. This version of the smartphone has fewer upgraded specs compared to its predecessor. It has got:

One plus 3T specifications

Better Processor calls for a better performance obviously. A few days back, it was the first device with 6GB of RAM in the market and was known for its RAM management, it would be even better in this version. The battery upgrade was much needed and is a sure winner. Now the device is sure to last more than a day and for the emergency purpose, you have the Dash Charging to rapidly charge your device. The best thing is the size of the device which will stay the same even after the battery upgrade. For selfie lovers, it comes with the new selfie shooter. You get better and crisp pictures and even a wide angled snap than the previous version, one can zoom in and chop out the rest. Night imaging in the front camera is pretty good now and you’ll love the overall upgrade.

Considering all these new implementations, OnePlus has really played a cool move and will offer much better performance in this device. They have also promised to roll out the Nougat update before this year ends. With the slight hump in the specification, the price is about to go up with few grands. There’s no Graphite in OnePlus 3T, it’s been replaced by Gun-metal gray. This device would be made available in India starting Dec 2nd but no official words has been made on its pricing, it’s priced at $440 for the 64GB variant in US and $480 for the newer 128GB which roughly translates to INR 30,000 and 33,000 respectively.

One plus 3T

With both these devices OnePlus has set a benchmark in the industry and we hope it would keep up the standards in the coming years too with such great Smartphone Killers. And you surely dont want to miss this latest amazing video of 3T.


Good Job OnePlus as we now have one more reason to Cashify our old phone!


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