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OnePlus Will Release One of The First 5G Smartphones


At the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit held earlier this year in HongKong, OnePlus came up with the intention to be one of the first companies in the market to bring a 5G smartphone.

Q2 2019

Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, confirmed that the company had been working on 5G technology for around 2 years, with Qualcomm adding their support to this project in October 2017, paving the way for a 5G enabled smartphone in the coming years. To add to the potential of such a device in the near future, OnePlus has also managed to establish a 5G connection to Qualcomm’s United States based laboratory. In one of his comments, Pei hopes to continue breaking barriers and becoming the first to release a 5G supported phone. His statement extends Qualcomm’s own statement that the first flurry of 5G smartphones will hit the market in Q2 2019.

Such developments have created grounds of speculation for OnePlus’ next mobile device, potentially OnePlus 7, which might be launched with 5G support. However, this isn’t the first time that the company has been reported to adopt 5G. Nonetheless, earlier this year, Carl Pei stated that company was looking forward to a 2019 launch.

Furthermore, according to a report by Fudzilla about talks through a few people “proximate to the matter”, the 5G enabled handset will be priced at least $100 lesser than the recent OnePlus 6T. It is being claimed that the device will run on Snapdragon 855 processor along with One Plus’ very own X50 5G NR modem.

Even though Pei did not confirm exactly when the phone will be released, the global market is gawking towards the smartphone leader’s next launch. With the company gaining new strength to strength, this could be a major strategy with adopting new technologies at a much faster rate than the ‘old players’.

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