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Online Shopping: Cash on Delivery


“Telangana resident Chiluveri Srucharan was shocked when he received delivery of a Flipkart package last week. He’d ordered an Asus Zenphone 5 worth Rs 8,099; Flipkart sent him mangoes that cost considerably less. He’d obviously been excited to score the smartphone at a great discount during the e-commerce retailer’s mega sale in May.

How Flipkart dealt with him – nothing sweet about it

When he reported to the Flipkart customer service team, they promised him a 24 hour refund.
That never happened.
Then they promised him the phone.
That also didn’t happen.

Again, he contacted Flipkart, to be rudely told, “We would like to inform you that your recent replacement order has been cancelled as we have noticed an unwarranted return, which do not comply with our Returns Policy.” Srucharan also said that Flipkart gave him different answers when he complained about this strange delivery.  This one was the most shocking – they threatened him to keep quiet about the matter on social media, failing which they’d block his order. Srucharan is taking the matter up to a consumer court.”

Alleged Mangoes Sent By Flipkart
Alleged Mangoes Sent By Flipkart Online Shopping

The above text is an extract from an article from IndiaTimes.com. After reading the above article though, I guess no one would prefer buying anything from the firm ever again. But there is again a way to ensure that your money doesn’t get wasted for trash (or mangoes). Cash On Delivery.

Cash on delivery is a feature offered by most top e-sellers. You order a commodity. When the delivery guy arrives with it to you, you pay the amount to him, as simple as that.

Cash on delivery helps you ensure that you pay for the right purchase as you can open and check your delivery right in front of the delivery guy before paying him the cash or sending him off. You could return the order right off, if you haven’t received what you had ordered and get the right item for your money. Simple, isn’t it?

Cash On Delivery Is The Ultimate Solution For e-shopping
Cash On Delivery Is The Ultimate Solution For Online Shopping

As the above extract suggested, card payments do not ensure this. Your money is transferred to the e-firm as soon as you order something and if you do not get what you had opted for, the company could easily deny their mistake and be gone with the money.

Cash on delivery is the smartest method of purchasing online as it helps you have a hassle free purchasing.



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