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Online Sites: Better Than Brick And Mortar Stores?


What is your favourite mode of buying goods?

Mine surely, without a doubt is e-Shopping.

And most probably yours too. If not, it will be, by the end of this article.

The advent of smartphones and the rise in the Internet using population of the world resulted in the commercialization of e-trade. Initially slow to gain popularity because of the various fake websites stealing people’s money in the name of business, slowly and steadily, many firms which were stated trustworthy came into the limelight and so began the era of online shopping.

But what exactly are the advantages and perks online shopping sites have to offer that physical stores don’t? Let’s find out.

Online Shopping Using Your Phone
Online Shopping Using Your Phone

At your fingertips

Online shopping sites are just a click away from you. Thus you don’t have to waste time going to any stores.

As they are just a click away, you also don’t have to invest anything other than your Internet bill to visit them. Not in the case of physical stores though, as some shops may be at a distance and may require a vehicle to reach, and fuel costs are sky-high (at least in India) these days. Another advantage of them being at your fingertips is that you don’t need to do any tiresome workouts walking around a store and searching for what you desire.

A search button always greets you on any online shopping site, which makes finding what you want easy as cake. They are also available 24/7 for 365 days a year, unless you hire some professional hackers to down the website, that is.

Online Shopping At Your Fingertips
Online Shopping At Your Fingertips

Easy and hassle-free choosing

You can easily compare prices of two different items or even the same item on different online stores. This is so not the case in physical stores.  You can also browse through all your desired items without worrying about anyone trying to get the knowledge of what you are about to buy, if privacy is something you value. So say goodbye to stalkers.

You also don’t have any queues to stand in, waiting for your turn to pay and get the hell out.

Choose. Order. Buy. Done. That’s online shopping for you.

Planning to shop online? Here are your payment options.

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