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OnePlus 6T: Features Wishlist


OnePlus is all set to unveil its upcoming smartphone – the OnePlus 6T on 30th October. The device is much-anticipated. However, we have a few features in mind that would make the device a worthy upgrade over the OnePlus 6 without raising its price by much.

Our OnePlus 6T Wishlist

120Hz Display With Quad HD Resolution
A 120Hz display helps display items on screen noticeably smoother. A lot more fluid visuals on moving objects are shown.
Anything from scrolling through your Instagram feed to racing a hotrod in asphalt 9 is more enjoyable while using a 120Hz screen when compared to normal 60Hz panel. OnePlus has always stuck with a 1080p screen on its devices – none of them feature a quad HD panel. The reality about a higher resolution display is that it not only makes the phones display much more vibrant, it also helps in a better VR experience.

LiquidCool Technology

The use of liquid cooling is quite common in the PC building space, but the use of this tech is yet to pick up on smartphones, and has not gone mainstream in the arena. A few devices do come with this technology, which helps the phone keep things cool while carrying out intensive tasks such as gaming. The liquid cooling helps the CPU remain cool, which results in no loss of performance and ensures high frequency output. The cooling also helps reduce slow response time and frozen screen issues.

More colours

The OnePlus 6 comes in five colour options – of which two are shades of black, one is red and the rest are similar to white. So the colour line of OnePlus devices certainly doesn’t have a lot of variety. OnePlus may want to take some inspiration from the iPhone XR and Hauwei Honor P20 Pro in terms of how their devices look, and their colour options. If OnePlus could bring out a bunch of colour variants for its upcoming device, that would only make the phone stand out from the crowd.

Wireless Charging

The OnePlus 6 had a glass back panel, and usually you see a support for wireless charging with glass back panels – but for some reason OnePlus skipped the feature. Customers are hoping that could change with the 6T. Wireless charging makes charging your phone much more comfortable, by allowing you to just place it on a pad instead of plugging it manually.

Better Camera

The most common complaint regarding OnePlus phones is the camera. The photography department on OnePlus phones have never been their strong suit, and their phones have lagged behind in this area compared to other flagships.

The use of secondary camera has more or less remained a gimmick and has a limited usage for bokeh effects. If OnePlus invests in a better sensor or improved processing – or gives us something useful like a telephoto or wide-angle, this kind of upgrade could make the OnePlus fans happy.

Let us know in comments below whats on your wishlist? And if you’re considering an upgrade, remember to sell your used smartphone on Cashify first!


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