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OPPO may launch full-screen selfie phone with two screen


Oppo, the Chinese smartphone tycoon, which is also the parent company to the popular OnePlus (of which Cashify is an exclusive exchange partner), recently launched its flagship phone – the Find X. The Oppo Find X features a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8 percent, making it amongst the largest screens in the market. It also features a pop-up selfie camera setup. Launched as a rival phone to otherwise most popular iPhone X, it did not gain much popularity amongst the smartphone users across the globe due to its exorbitant pricing. But that hasn’t discouraged Oppo.

Full Screen Displays Incoming

According to sources, Oppo has filed a patent for a full-screen display. It recently got approval from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for a selfie-centric phone which it may now manufacture.

OPPO is known for the innovative designs in the smartphone market. It had also filed a patent for a foldable phone. As predicted and speculated by analysts and smartphone enthusiasts, the all-new OPPO smartphone will have a completely full-screen display for the users. There will be ultra-slim bezels on the sides. However, there is likely to be no hardware fingerprint sensor on the smartphone. The fingerprint sensor will instead, be embedded on the screen. A unique feature which will be seen in the smartphone will be 3D Face Recognition. 3D face recognition should allow the users to unlock the phone while facing it in any position.

It is also being speculated that the rear side of the smartphone will have a dual camera setup. In addition to that, there will be a secondary touchscreen display. An important use of the secondary display is that the pictures that are captured by the camera, will be visible on it. Moreover, this screen will also enable the users to access features such as night mode, continuous video recording, a self-timer and regular photos and video recording. It will be placed on the upper half of the rear body, allowing users  to comfortably handle the device.

Different positions of the dual camera predicted

Even though there are primary and secondary displays on the device, it should be easy for the user to keep switching between the two. There will be an option on the primary display to conveniently switch to the secondary display and vice-versa. There should not be much difference in the screen quality either. It will either use an LCD or OLED display. The buttons on the sides will be designed in a way that they merge with the curve of the hardware.

It is also being speculated that the phone will be dust-resistant as well as water-resistant. A patent had been filed in September of 2017, and the device was approved by WIPO in July 2018. However, there is no fixed release date yet. Instead, there is only speculation, with no official images of the new OPPO selfie expert series phone released yet.

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