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PayTM: How It Is Becoming A Hub For Shopping Electronics In India


A website started by a company called One97, PayTM was launched in 2010 with the aim to provide easy mobile and DTH recharging. Recharging mobiles and TV set top boxes has always been of top priority in India, as both the communication and entertainment industries are a huge bloom. Before PayTM, dish and mobile recharges had to be done through shops or other crude methods, which could sometimes be problematic, especially if a mobile recharge was required at or after midnight.

PayTM (Pay Through Mobile) was launched with such problems in mind which would help people recharge and shop from their homes. Offering the ability everyone wanted, PayTM was an obvious success. Even recharge shops started using PayTM as a method to recharge their customers’ mobiles, as PayTM offers excellent coupons and discounts to regular customers.

PayTM Mobile Apps
PayTM Mobile Apps

Following the huge success of PayTM in the recharging sector of just mobiles and DTHs, the firm decided to increase its bandwidth by allowing users to pay most of the bills available in India, be it your monthly electricity quote, booking and recharging of LPG cylinders, and even telephone bills.

Success after success, PayTM kept growing in India through the facilities they offered.

The next step in PayTM’s success ladder was e-commerce. The company entered into e-commerce business in early 2014 offering shopping of electronics and items related to lifestyle. Due to the huge fan base and brand presence it had already gained in the country, PayTM’s e-commerce business too, took a skyrocketing success launch.

PayTM also offers exciting vouchers and discount coupons to loyal customers regularly. The company is trusted by all people as it never disappoints its customers.

PayTM Coupons
PayTM Coupons

Not just this, any emerging or even established e-commerce website is sure to allot PayTM a slot in its payment modes. Just go through any of your favourite e-commerce websites to know this, and you’ll find its wallet in the options.

The payment mode has almost become synonymous to online transactions in the Indian subcontinent.

PayTM is indeed, a highly successful venture and is still growing. Customers sure aren’t complaining.


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