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“Peek & Pop” Into The Next-Gen Store & Secret Studio Of Apple!


Apple created quite a buzz with Charlie Rose of CBS digging deep inside the tech giant in order to interview the top management. This also included a 60 minutes’ sneak peek inside the much famed Apple’s “store of the future”.




Retail chief Angela Ahrendts is the top woman of Apple who was recently hired from Burberry & also happens to be the 25th most powerful woman according to Forbes. She guided Charlie Rose through the design of Apple Office and its retail workshops in Cupertino.




Even though Apple is very secretive about their working style, the camera-friendly Ahrendts was walked Charlie Rose through a prototype of Apple Store for this exclusive coverage. The prototype epitomizes a unique language for the company’s new retail design with its interiors being liberally spacious.


High ceilings, paneled lighting, wall graphics and classic maple-wood shelves & tables grace the Apple’s mock store. In addition to this, Angela Ahrendts also expressed how Apple is constantly improving & consistently refining the new designs for all its 469 retail stores across the world.



This exclusive coverage by Charlie Rose also comprised of a dedicated segment that featured Chief Design Officer Jony Ive in his much famed secret design studio. Most of the desks inside the studio were covered by Apple in order to ensure that ensure that nobody gets a glimpse of what Apple is working on next and the upcoming products.




Later on, the design chief walked Charlie through the rare look inside the studio, where his team that comprises of 22 designers work side by side on the products of future. He also threw some light on the complexity of engineering process that went into creating the new 12-inch MacBook.


Jony Ive also explained and reflected on working with Dan Riccio who acts the head of hardware engineering at Apple. They had collaborated together to construct the custom-shaped terraced battery that fits into an ultra-thin enclosure of the notebook.




Once launched, this will be the first store to have adopted the fresh design which was opened this year in September 2015 in Brussels. Hereby, similarly designed Apple Stores are anticipated to be launched worldwide that will consist of the state-side locations in Chicago, Memphis and San Francisco.


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