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Why people sell their old laptop, smartphone, tablet on ReGlobe ?


Wherever I meet people and tell them what I do, the first question they ask me is “Do people really sell their old laptop or phone online before getting paid”. My answer is simple and assured YES.

ReGlobe is an assured sale platform for anyone wanting to sell his/her old laptop, mobile phone or tablet in a quick and convenient manner. If we quote you a price for your old laptop or mobile phone, we will buy it. For most Laptops we provide cash at your doorstep in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Jaipur.  Cash at doorstep means we pay at the time of collecting the laptop from your home or office.

For locations other than the ones specified above, we have an easy reverse pick-up arrangement with one of the best courier companies in the world and we would buy your Laptops, Smartphones and Tablet through this route. The payment is done thru Bank Transfer after confirmation of the gadget at ReGlobe facility. We cover 5500+ pin codes which includes top 100 cities of India.

Now why would anyone trust us and send us their precious laptop or smartphone without an instant payment? I believe it’s the growth and acceptance of ecommerce which has slowly instilled a trust factor in the minds of the Indian consumers. Moreover with Cash on Delivery and easy Returns, the ecommerce companies have placed high amount of trust on the Indian consumer and built an ecosystem of mutual trust and good faith in the reverse channel as well. We receive old laptops, mobiles and tablets everyday via the reverse pick-up route and the customers seems to be happy with our services as we have started witnessing repeat transactions. At Reglobe we strive to give the best value to the customer based on the gadget’s conditions and our transparency and simplicity of the process is being liked by the customers.

Another common comment I get is” Since you pay after you evaluate the gadget at your facility, you must be deducting money every time”.  Well, fact is that 80% of the customers in January received the same amount as quoted to them online. Around 15% of customers were re-quoted due to functional or physical issues found at the time of checking and out of the total only 3% of the customers requested to send the gadget back. What happened to the rest 5% you may ask? Well they got more than what they were quoted for as their gadgets were in better condition than what they had apprised us of!

(Author of this blog is Nakul Kumar the Co-Founder of www.ReGlobe.in)


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