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Your phone speaks more about your persona


It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity – Albert Einstein

Take it from the person with an IQ in the range of 190 to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Today, we are closer to being slaves to the technology then we ever were and it is apparent from our dependency on gadgets for even the most mundane of a task. From doing dishes to cleaning our place, we are dependent on machines. One of the common denominators in present times is the smartphone, which everyone seem to own. Social life is now limited to Whatsapp and Facebook, instead of actually meeting people. Such is the situation that there are now studies being conducted on how your choice of smartphone speaks volumes about the type of person you are. True Story! So let us delve more into how the smartphone you have in your pocket is a potential character certificate.


Let us be honest here, we all secretly judge others by just looking at their smartphone and form our opinion about them. A person carrying the latest iPhone is bound to make a better impression in our minds then the one carrying an Android, even if it is the latest Flagship that costs more than an iPhone. This is because iPhones always equate to class and simplicity and it appeals to more individuals, especially the fairer sex. On the contrary, high-end flagship devices from Android makers like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, have always been touted as flashy and showoff material. Similarly, people find it easier to approach someone who is seen carrying a mid-range or budget smartphone like a Moto G or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.


However, there have been detailed studies carried out on this and a recent study claims that above mentioned perceptions are usually not true. It has been revealed that Android users are bound to be more humble and honest as compared to iPhone users. It also drove home the fact that women are more likely to choose an iPhone and males are more inclined towards Android. Also, if you are one of those individuals who like to have a device that is unique, you are bound to go for an Android. On the other hand, if you prefer class and status over uniqueness, you are more susceptible to be an iPhone user.


In yet another study, it was revealed that iPhone users see themselves as attractive, ambitious and successful. Whereas, Android user tend to be creative and easy to approach as they are more polite. This study was conducted on people from all walks of life and used a point scoring system to come up with the traits associated with the type of smartphones. It was found that individuals those who use iPhone tend to be confident, daring and optimist. Android users, on the other hand, have been pegged to be shy, quiet, laidback and introvert. This particular study also took Blackberry users in the equation and has them pegged down as the most active users, who are loud and bubbly.



There, now next time you are looking at a prospective client or just someone to pick up in a bar, take a look at the device they are carrying to get a vague idea of how they are like as a person. However, do keep in mind, human nature is the most complex thing on the entire planet and it would be unfair to judge someone only on the basis of their handset.

P.S: And if this article has made you realise you are carrying a wrong one for your personality, sell your phone for cash and get the one that suits you the best.


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