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Plastic vs Glass Screen Protectors


If you have a phone then you will most certainly also have a screen protector on it. The display of a device has to be the most important part of the smartphone and it also happens to be the most delicate. Repairing a broken screen can often cost a fortune and yield passive results.

But if you were to buy a screen protector what exactly would you buy? There are many kinds of devices that are available in the market along with different types of screen protectors as well. The choice often comes down to Plastic or glass. Which screen protector is the best for your device? Well, let’s try and find that out.


The biggest difference between the two sets of protectors just happens to be durability. Glass protectors happen to be a lot more durable than glass as it is quite obvious that plastic can be very thin. It is recommended that you get a glass screen protector if you’re rough on your device and if you have butterfingers. Plastic protectors, on the other hand, look good on your phone, avoid any smudging of the screen and are cheaper.

Scratch Resistance

Plastic screen protectors also have a big drawback of showing scratches easier and also these scratches are in effect permanent. There are, however, certain screen protectors which have a “healing” property and this can wear of all the light scratches made on the phone.

Also, there are certain plastic screen protectors which will just diffuse the HD screen of your device. Oleophobic coating or scratch-resistant are just marketing terms for companies to sell their screen protectors to the public. If you have a glass protector on the other hand, your smartphone screen is going to look great. Like nothing was sitting on top of the device.


Glass protectors will not alter the display of your device in any way like the plastic screen protectors will do. Plastic screen protectors are just harder to keep clean but in the end, you will just get used to it and it then it becomes a non-issue. Cheaper plastic one’s screen protectors will also get yellow over time but the fact of the matter is that you will not notice this yellowing on a phone which has a black face.

But what is undeniable that even if you drop something massive on a phone which is protected by a tempered glass you can be quite sure that the display will be quite well protected. The same cannot be said for a plastic protector. It all boils down to one thing. If you want solid protection then go for a plastic protector and if you want the phone to look good then you can go with the glass back.

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