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PlayStation Shines As Sony Sells 36 Million Units Of PS4!


PlayStation 4 or simply PS4 is a home video gaming console developed Sony Computer Entertainment. Launched in 2013 as a successor of PlayStation 3, PS4 competes with Microsoft’s Xbox one as the part of the eighth generation of video game consoles.


Xbox one was the leading gaming console until Sony’s PS4 bragged the first place in January 2016. During the 2015 holiday season that dated from 22nd December 2015 to 2nd January 2016, Sony got a boost in the sales of PS4 by vending 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles across the world, and further with another 5.7 million units sold, which means a total of 35.9 consoles sold worldwide.




While Microsoft still seems to brag on the number of hours Xbox Live users logged (which is not given much priority) and now shies away from revealing the number of Xbox One consoles sold, Sony is revealing the number of PS4 consoles sold and have undoubtedly won the console battle with some hard numbers as a backup.


Last October, Sony reduced the permanent price of the PS4 from $399 to $349 which has indeed lifted sales. But Sony’s had strong momentum from the very start, PS4 announcement tactic focused more on the $100 price gain they had over Microsoft’s Xbox One, which also played a pivotal role in increasing the sales of PS4.




Xbox One has an incredibly strong list of exclusives than the PS4 but might change in the near future and PlayStation users likely are playing the long game, waiting for games like Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian etc. Now, Sony might use the profit generated to make PS4 more reliable. In case you feel like upgrading to a better gaming experience right away, you can sell your old gaming consoles at ReGlobe for instant cash with free pick up. For a speedy quote, download the Cashify App!



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