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PlayStation VR To Be Used On PCs Soon!


From hand-held remote controls to physical actions, there has been a massive change in the gaming industry. On similar lines, rumour has it that the PlayStation VR have the possibility of being used on PCs.




Why VR On PC?


Firstly, the compatibility factor with PS4 and that of PC is quite high. It is worth noticing as PS4 console has similar components like that of a PC.


Looking at the cost of PlayStation’s VR, i.e., $399, the cost itself is a great booster for the fans to invest their money with Sony. (Sell Old PlayStation Here) The things which the game lovers will be getting with the bundle are PlayStation Camera along with the two Move controllers namely PlayStation VR Worlds and Playroom VR digital download just for $499.


Other VR Headsets


The only thing required is a PS4 considering as Rift and Vive require PC set up. Rift VR Headsets were launched in May whereas Vive VR Headsets will be made available in July.




Final Thoughts


As much as this news would have filled you with excitement, you still have to wait till this news is officially being announced. In the meanwhile, sell your old gaming consoles at Cashify and get instant cash along with free pick up right at your doorstep. It’s just that easy!


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