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Portable Keyboards for your Smartphone: Worth it?


Smartphones are certainly our go-to devices for our entertainment and even work. The ever-increasing efficiency of smartphones means that it has become an indispensable device for work. The drawback however, lies in the ease of typing on smartphones, or lack of it.

Do We Need Portable Keyboards?

Thumb-typing or finger-swiping may be good enough if you mainly use your phone for typing short messages or tweeting. However, when it comes to work, writing those lengthy documents on your smartphone screen keyboard can be quite difficult. Which makes us wonder: how about using portable Bluetooth keyboards?

Now there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboards – some freestanding, some even double up as a screen cover or carry case.  Many can be used with smartphones too, but their size is too big for convenience.

This is precisely why portable Bluetooth keyboards, which can be easily carried around, are a boon. The physical keyboard is especially useful when typing long messages, writing and editing documents and e-mailing.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to switch to a different screen as all characters are on a single board. Now comes the big factor: price. For the convenience which the portable Bluetooth keyboard, a one-time investment is certainly worth it.


Although Cervantes Mobile’s Jorno trifold keyboard comes at a price of $99 and is compatible with nearly all operating systems, there are cheaper options too like the iwerkz Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard and Perixx Periboard-805L, both at a price of $30 only. Targus Universal Foldable Keyboard for Android comes at a reasonable $29 and offers good value for money.

Considering the options available and also the ease of use, a portable keyboard for your smartphone is certainly recommended.