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Why I Prefer Metal Phones over Plastic Ones

Why I Prefer Metal Phones over Plastic Ones

Manufactures use all sorts of materials for their devices – from plastic to polycarbonate to metals. The material used in your phone does leave a huge impact on the design as well as the performance of your device. To me, it’s a defining factor in my choice of smartphones.

I’ve always stuck to metal bodies over plastic though. Here’s why

Why Metal Wins

A smartphone with an all-metal body was a flagship affair not-so-long-ago. But, these days, every alternate smartphone has a metal build. It’s not surprising why:

Why I Prefer Metal Phones over Plastic Ones

  • Looks: One of the key motives people like metal devices is that they often look good. Aluminium and Magnesium (metals most commonly used in smartphones) are malleable which allows creators to be adventurous in their design.


  • Heat dissipation: Another reason metal is preferable is that it aids OEMs by dissipating heat generated by the processor and internals in a way that plastic handsets can’t. With some current processors overheating, a metal smartphone can disperse of more heat than its plastic covering. Also, a metal casing offers better protection to the internal components in comparison to the polycarbonate ones.


  • One of the primary reasons for smartphone vendors to consider metal as an exterior is the fact that it adds to the aesthetics of the device, giving it a premium touch. Also, the ductile nature of metal allows them to experiment with the design of the device.

Ultimately we need a better looking, strong and reliable devices which look good and work efficiently and in my views any device with metal covering not only gives your device beautiful and strong outer body but will also it is more reliable. Why don’t you sell your smartphone and get yourself a metal beauty?