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Is the PS4 Pro worth an upgrade for Indian Gamers?


As an ardent gamer, one gives a great amount of thought to graphics whether one is buying a console or a game, for that matter. Sony delivered a pleasant surprise to such gamers when it launched PS4 Pro, midway through the console’s life cycle.

While it can be seen as the even bulkier, massive PS4, the market had second thoughts about the PS4 Pro. This three layered console created quite a stir among the gamers and rightly so. At the same time, many gamers decided to skip it and wait for the actual generational leap. Reason being? Incremental upgrades for a steep price (Rs 41,000) do not look very attractive.

So is the PS4 Pro actually something you should consider buying or is it just another shiny piece of hardware adding to the hype? Let’s find out.


When compared to the PS4, the Pro looks like a three layered club sandwich which is heavier and the matte finish is exactly the same. The power and eject buttons are even slimmer and you will have some difficulty hitting them the first few times. It weighs 3.3 kgs which is 500 grams more than PS4. One thing that wouldn’t go unnoticeable among gamers is the extra USB port added at the back of the console. Since the processing unit takes one USB slot, it was earlier a hassle for PlayStation VR users, which plugs in the front of PS4. Thanks to PS4 Pro, no more wires hanging out of the front of the console because this is a civilized world and nobody likes that.

Virtual Reality

The PSVR headset, unfortunately, has a set resolution. This means there won’t be any major graphic changes in the VR viewing. But developers state that they’ll be able to add more detail to the worlds, all credits to the extra processing power of the control.


Now this is where the PS4 Pro takes it all away. The upgrade from 1080p to 4K gaming might not be noticeable as first but as you immerse in a game you’ll find out how better your experience gets every second. It isn’t as noticeable as when the TV went from standard to HD visuals because the PS4 has 1080p visuals which aren’t bad at all. But I think I’m in the right when I say that 4K gaming is the future. Once you experience 4K you might not feel like going back to 1080p resolution.

What’s really interesting here is that PS4 Pro doesn’t necessarily output all of its game in 4K resolution. It uses smart “Checkboarding” technique to upscale the visuals to 4K. The results, however, are magnificent.

My Verdict

I personally tried a bunch of games on the PS4 Pro and I have to say ‘once you go black, you never go back.’ The 4K visual gaming experience will hit you when you have spent some time on PS4 Pro and then go back to PS4. The difference isn’t noticeable at first but slowly it builds on you. You won’t notice a lot of difference while playing games like Street Fighter. But consider the Journey Mode in FIFA 17, and you WILL BE Alex Hunter. It feels too real and you’ll be fully immersed into it and before you know it you’ll have spent 6-7 hours on it. The best experience you can get is of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider allows you to switch between 3 visual settings and make your gaming experience a whole lot better.

Now the real question posed will be – priced at Rs 41,000 – does this package seem worth your wallet? Is PS4 Pro worth upgrading to if you already have a PS4? I would say YES! Sell your older console here, and make the jump.

Since the PS5 is still more than year, or maybe more, away from its launch, the PS4 Pro is something you need to experience. It is definitely worth an upgrade!