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Pull that plug. Your devices are guzzling energy!



It is hard to imagine that there was a time, not very long ago, when a computer meant a fully air conditioned room with vacuum tubes and making a phone call meant instructing a telephone operator and waiting for her to connect and call back! Technology has taken giant leaps in the last 2 decades and the improvements in communication and information technology have made the world flat (as per Thomas Friedman). Although our lives have become simpler, our dependence on technology has increased multi-folds and so has our energy consumption.

A day in office without a laptop seems like a holiday. If the mobile phone doesn’t ring for a few hours, we feel disconnected from the world and tablet is slowly replacing the newspaper for the morning ritual on the pot. We just love our gadgets. We love them on the go and we love them while they are plugged in. But we do need to change one aspect of our behavior. We need to start conserving the energy we use while we use our gadgets and unknowingly we spend more than what we believe we do. Below we have listed some ways you can save energy and do your small bit to reduce our dependence on energy help the environment.

Why should you save energy?

Because it will save you money, as simple as that! Even if you do not care about the melting glaciers or rising sea levels I am sure, you would care about your monthly energy bill. Having a negative environmental footprint affects your pocket in many ways. Consider this: leaving your electronic gadgets on stand-by mode can cost you around INR 5000 extra per annum. Try taking a voltage meter and measure the electricity consumed by the gadgets in stand-by mode! You will be surprised to know how much energy is wasted without your knowledge!

Pull a plug on your habits!


There are numerous small things you can do to have a positive effect on your monthly electricity bill and at the same time benefiting the environment. Following are a few suggestions or advices which you could easily implement:

  • Unplug the charger! Most of us keep our mobile phone or laptop chargers plugged in even when we are not using them. Although they are not connected to a device, they still use electricity and affecting your monthly bill.
  • Your mobile phone does need the whole night to get charged. It generally takes a couple of hours and any more time it is kept on charge adversely affects the battery life as well as wasting energy.
  • Switch off the TV, DVD player, Xbox etc. while not in use. Stand-by mode uses electricity. Save it!
  • Reduce the brightness or backlight on the laptops, mobile phones of tablets. Keeping the brightness to nominal levels will drastically improve the battery life.
  • Reduce your dependence on paper. Try to read newspaper, books, magazines online on your hand held device. Manufacturing paper uses loads of electricity and natural resources. Reduce your carbon footprint!

These are just a few ways you can do your bit for the larger good. Trust me, it won’t take much to adopt these habits which would even have a positive impact on your wallet and leave you with some extra cash to buy or upgrade to the gadget you had your eyes on for a long time!



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