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Qualcomm’s latest affair involves Home Speakers!

Qualcomm Announces Platform For Home Speakers

Chip maker Qualcomm, at its voice and music developer conference in Shenzhen, releases a new Smart Audio Platform to help manufacturers accelerate the development and commercialization of smart and networked speakers.

It’s A Loaded Platform

The Smart Audio Platform includes technologies like echo-cancellation, noise suppressions, support for voice assistance, and a “reliable” voice interface for noisy environments. There is also the capability of integrating the Smart Audio system with AI interfaces like the Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

The smart audio will also have multi-room audio technology using its own AllPlay tech. This technology may allow different speakers to work in sync with each other. The Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform supports both Linux and Android Things operating systems. This allows more interoperability if the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) so chooses.

Qualcomm also showed off new DDFA audio amplifier tech and an audio development kit (ADK) that will help companies build wireless Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other products without significantly increasing the integration time or cost.

Under The Hood

Powered by Linux and Android Things, it also includes “far field” multi-microphone technology. This allows for always-on wake words like “OK Google,” beamforming and echo cancellation.

The upside for this kind of usage would be that the users would definitely have a lot of options to choose from. Plus you’d get to scatter a lot of decent quality speakers around your house without spending too much money.

The chips may be available by Q3 with support of Alexa or Google Assistant to follow right after.

Speaking of all this, how important is the audio output to you in your smartphone? Let us know!