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Do you really need a tablet?


Tablets have come a long way. While they were still facing low adoptions a couple of years ago, sales picked up. Nevertheless, market numbers are suggesting sales are slowing down again. What’s the deal here? Why the oscillating sales? Are tablets really worth your money? Tablets do offer high performance capabilities and get most of your work done. But most aren’t sure about what’s yet to come for the tablet industry.

Tablets may not be an essential gadget: This is a small note on tablets, as a gadget in itself, its utility and practicality. Tablets are supposedly for people who want a screen size bigger than a phone, but not as ‘bulky’ as a laptop.

Are Tablets are Just Enlarged Smartphones?


First of all, smartphones and tablets exhibit almost the same functions. I’ll first separate those who actually use the tablet as a utility from those who use it for entertainment.  Tabs are quite extensively used in corporate houses: For video calling on the go, for surveys, marketing researches, and also by insurance agents to explain better to their customers, and may even be used to purchase or renew insurances or other such schemes like mutual funds.

Teachers and professors may also find it more convenient for referring to notes, for instance.

Those who use it for entertainment:

  •  Those who say its better for gaming experience, its really not. Many people also use it for watching movies the big screen may give you that impression, but tabs are quite heavy, and may cause a back pain or shoulder pain.
  • People who use them as e¬book readers, will also be faced by the same issue of back and shoulder pain. Also your eyes tend to get more strained when reading on a screen. However, with the advent of lighter tablets, they are proving to be better alternatives to both laptops & phones.
  • Tablets are also inconvenient to type on. I have seen many people on railway stations using a tab for calling, whilst not using the earphones, but instead holding it with both their hands, since one hand isn’t sufficient to hold the larger tabs. I cannot fathom for the life of me why people would inconvenience themselves this way. Another one is clicking photos from a tab, which is also quite tedious vis-à-vis a phone.

They don’t fit our pockets!

Which of these 2 Nexus devices maybe the best for you and your budget? Let’s find out
Which of these 2 Nexus devices maybe the best for you and your pocket?

Tabs, no matter what size, don’t fit in our pockets, so we need to carry a bag, or use a cover and hold it like a file (inconvenient to hold for a long time). If I’m carrying a bag, I would rather carry a laptop in it than a tab. A tab is cumbersome to use, impractical to type on and heavy to hold~ I’d rather keep a laptop on my lap than hold a tab in my hand.


Many of my friends agree with me on this, and each of them range from various fields. One is a political science aspirant, who was initially diplomatic in his stance (pun intended), but eventually agreed that tabs have no ‘real’ functionale. Another is an architecture student who says, and I quote, “My tab has been lying in the cupboard for months.”


Another friend who is pursuing business administration also agreed with, and so did an ex¬engineering student (now mass media student), and so did many others.


There is no real utility

Finally, I also spoke to another of my friends, who is in a renowned engineering college and is pursuing information technology and computer programming who said that most people use it for ‘time pass’ and have no real utility for it, but corporates do need them nonetheless.


The Counter Argument

Most of the arguments I put forth right now would very easily stick had this been 2013. But the truth is, new tablets like the iPad mini or the Nexus 7 have made the gadgets a lot more appealing and user-friendly. It is now far easier to shop on a tablet than on a smartphone – especially when ecommerce giants like Flipkart & Myntra keep pushing and incentivising app-only usage on our mobile devices. In such cases, you’d rather shop on a 10 inch screen than a 5 inch one.


Plus tablets, like smartphones, are rendered obsolete pretty soon as compared to laptops and desktops, in which case it is probably better to sell them for some quick bucks (like at Cashify) than to have them collect dust for no apparent reason.


Ultimately, it is again boiling down to use-cases. Go for a tablet if you read extensively, or even shop extensively. For high end tasks such as image editing, or even high performance browsing, I’d recommend you put in some extra bucks and buy a full blown laptop instead. Of course, the newly released iPad Pro is touted as a replacement to laptops – but we’re still a good couple of years away from mainstream adoption. Since that is the case, how about using a high performance laptop for that time instead?


Your call, consumer.



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