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Recap: Oppo at MWC 2019 Came Up With Latest 10X Optical Zoom Technology

Oppo foldable phone

Oppo was not as active as one might have believed it to be at MWC 2019. Quite a few people expected that the smartphone maker would be unveiling the second version of its highly-unique Find X smartphone. However, that didn’t exactly pan out. There were even rumours that Oppo would ditch the mechanical slider in place of an in-display fingerprint sensor.

New Camera Tech From Oppo

It appears that we will have to wait for some time before Oppo comes out with a phone that is better than the Find X. In any case, Oppo showed us its latest 10X optical zoom technology, which could be implemented in its future smartphones. In simpler terms, the 10X zoom is not a single entity but consists of a 48MP main camera, which is likely to be made by Sony. There is also a 120-degree ultrawide-angle lens and a telephoto lens – all the three are going to be working in sync to capture images of varying focal lengths between 16mm and 160mm.

The technology is remarkable since Oppo said that it has used a periscopic model to flatten the thickness of the camera so that it doesn’t protrude out of the phone to give a camera bump. An optical prism seems to have been used inside to make the light refract into the lens system for image formation which gives us a final thickness of the camera module of 6.76mm.

Apart from that, the phone also has two autofocus features present on the main camera and on the wide angle lens. This makes it quite easy for the person to focus while shooting at high focal lengths.

5G Smartphones

Oppo also gave a demo of what it called its 5G phone. The brand refused to name it and also show it properly. However, we expect the 5G phone to hit the markets quite soon. Oppo said that it aims to improve cloud gaming with 5G and claimed about “AAA gaming experience” on smartphones.

Qualcomm President Christian Ammo was also on stage and explained that the 5G Oppo phone will have with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC and will be launched very soon. Could it be the Oppo Find X2? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The folding phone from Oppo did not make it at MWC, but the company did post a couple of pictures of the device on its official Weibo account. It looked to be quite similar to Huawei’s Mate X, though; the company has said that it has no plans of mass marketing the device.


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