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Rechargeable Batteries: Big Damage In Small Package!


In today’s world, where nothing works without technology, batteries have become an important constituent for operating these technological inventions. Batteries are safe and are widely used in laptops, cell phones along with countless other products. However, their disposal has posed a serious threat to soil.


In other words, disposing rechargeable batteries in an incorrect manner can be harmful to human health as well as the environment. A research carried out at the University of Minnesota states that lithium ion batteries which provide power for laptops and cell phones do pose a serious threat to essential micro-organisms present in soil in actual life.





This happens only as and when it comes in contact with the soil. Similarly, as part of the second research done by the same university in regard to the nano-scale materials, Nickel and Cobalt present in rechargeable batteries are highly toxic. They offer serious threat to the bacteria present in the soil.


Bacteria help in making the soil fertile, in absence of which the soil loses its rich components. Considering such a massive scale of battery usage, this threat gains grabs more attention when it comes to the topic of their disposal and what needs to be done going forward.




What can we do to make our environment safe and healthy?


  1. Encourage the use recycled batteries.
  2. Formulating and following stringent rules for disposal of batteries.
  3. Making use of renewable energy sources source that of solar, water & wind.
  4. Encourage usage of fuel cells due to their less hazardous nature.
  5. Batteries which contain less mercury, cadmium and lead can be used.
  6. Educating the consumers about the safety, suitability and disposing methods of batteries.


There has been a unanimous view of the researchers that recycling of batteries should be encouraged on war footing instead of dumping them in landfills as it will only add up on environmental concern. Therefore, it is each ones’ responsibility to ensure a world which is healthy, green and certainly cleaner in order to preserve the resources for future generations.



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