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How To Recover A Deleted File

How To Recover A Deleted File

Deleting a file accidentally is very easy to do, and recovering it can quickly become a headache. Fortunately there are few tricks and software which may help you recover your lost file even after its been deleted.

Step 1 – Recycle Bin

The first thing you should do is check the Windows’ Recycle Bin if you’ve just deleted something you didn’t mean to. That’s where Windows puts your deleted file initially. For a Mac user this place is called Trash. From here the deleted file can be restored to its original location.

However, the recycle bin has a certain amount of memory and exceeding it will cause the files to be deleted permanently. While deleting while pressing the shift key can directly bypass the recycle bin.

In addition to removing the ‘pointer’ to the file, Windows also marks the areas of the disk occupied by the file as available for re-use and will eventually overwrite them with new files. Once that starts to happen your file is gone for good.

Step 2 – Using Undelete Software

Undelete software like Disk Digger and PC Inspector File Recovery work by looking on the disk to see if the data is still there, even after a ‘permanent’ deletion. If the data hasn’t been overwritten to badly then the it can still be recovered. Download these programs and you should most likely have your data back.

Step 3 – Utility Software To Fix Corrupted Sectors

Another way files can be lost is if they become corrupted. Software utilities are available to identify and correct this sort of error and you’ll find that some undelete products also offer the ability to recover from logical errors in the file system. This software is readily available to download on the net.


Wrapping up, if you’ve deleted a file accidentally from your recycle bin, undelete software is your best bet. They will scan your hard disk for files that still exist on your system, and restore them for you. Give them a shot!