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Cashify’s Quick Fixes To Reduce Carbon Footprints For Your Business!


There is no firm that does not yearn to go green. While some are still dreaming to go green someday, that desire is a real one for others. As a result of this, most of the small and medium enterprises are busy looking for an alternative to lower their carbon footprints now days.


This became a trend as the pledge sworn by EU increased the probability of slamming a hefty fine on gas emissions. In spite of a huge collapse in fuel prices, the energy prices have not made any difference as they continue to increase.





It was also witnessed in the Paris talks on climate change that UK has vowed to accomplish net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. For this to be achieved, every business and every single consumer needs to do their own bit in any possible way.


All this leaves us with no choice but to ponder about the ways in which every business can focus on carbon neutralism. So here are four quick fixes by Cashify that every business whether established or still budding, should adopt in order to reduce carbon footprints.


  1. Learn Before You Leap


We all know that learning is a never ending process. One should always follow this process religiously to be able to gather all the required information in order to make a project successful. Finding the depth of the problem is always better than searching for a solution. The carbon footprint of a business refers to the quantity of CO2 that a business liberates into the environment.




In order to calculate this, one can make us of n number of calculators that are available on the internet. Any business or an organization can make right decisions by advancing with the right technology and investing in the right strategy once they are aware of the scale of the problem. Therefore, instead of thinking of possibilities to reduce your energy usage, finding about how big is the carbon footprint of your business currently would work out for the best.


  1. Leap & Find The Loop


Once you arrive at a point wherein you exactly know how much energy your business is consuming, start looking for the leaks. Start the drill again to find out whether there are any chances due to which the energy is being wasted. Every office has that one employee who always has a problem with office temperature which actually runs as a nightmare of energy usage at the back of employer’s mind.



Every air-conditioning unit or heaters for that matter, end up consuming more and more energy every time the office space heat up or cools down. It turns worse if the office space is huge or owns multiple floors. Also, make sure you also double check the methodology that your business uses for heating. As far as electric heaters are concerned, they have a tendency to produce twice the amount of greenhouse gas than the central heating methods.


  1. Sow In Order To Reap


Most of the businesses fail to meet the standards when they think that reduction of emissions alone can help them in lowering their footprint. On the contrary, if any of the budding or established organizations are willing to invest in renewable technology, chances of getting support from Government are high as well. 






The local government is taking effective measures to empower those businesses by providing subsidies. In this way, the more you sow in form of investment in renewable energy, the more support you reap from other available resources.


  1. Keep It Real


In order to achieve an organization’s goal, it is very critical for the employees to align their goals as well. It is not easy to achieve carbon neutrality overnight. On the contrary, the goal here is to put in all the possible efforts and walk an extra mile to design a new technology that will make achieving carbon neutrality easier, even if it’s the case of changing overnight.


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As it is said that employees are the heart of every organization, it is very crucial to get each one of them involved from the start. This in turn is the key which makes people believe that they are practically capable of bringing about a change. Involve them from the start and build a strategy around their feedback.


How To Ensure A Greener Office?


  1. Switch off the computers laptops or lights on when they are not in use.
  2. Invest in technology that has green credentials.
  3. Compare the tariff for various gas and electricity providers and choose the ones with whom you can save money & energy both.
  4. Consider installation of solar panels and biomass boilers.
  5. Allow natural light into your office space and do not block your windows.
  6. Choose eco-friendly bulbs to lower your bills and the amount of energy used.
  7. Pay more attention to quality to save on the quantity.
  8. Each employee plays a pivotal role in saving energy. Therefore, get everyone involved.
  9. One can also choose to invest in eco-friendly policies in order to get additional benefits for your business.
  10. Since employees form the core of every business, make sure everybody is involved in each initiative from the start.


So if you want to achieve carbon neutrality, you’ve got to keep simple and real. As you keep looking for varied alternatives to lower your energy bills and different renewable energy sources to future-proof yourself, make sure you do your bit as well. Success will follow!



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