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Reliance Jio: All that glitters is not gold


On September 1, 2016, Mukesh Ambani revealed the Jio network and it’s unbelievable tariff plans that has got every talking and subscribers lining up for it. The Reliance Chairman has announced that Jio will offer free voice calls to any network, unlimited data at night and data tariff as cheap as INR 50 for every GB. However, when something is too good to be true, there is always a catch. There is a reason why it is always advisable to read fine prints whenever there is an alluring scheme and offer in the market. Reliance Jio is no exception and there are some underlying terms and conditions for its ridiculous tariffs as well, which have been illustrated in the image below.


To start with, INR 50 for every GB is not what it seems, this offer is not valid on the data connection on the SIM card but the JioNet Wi-Fi service after the data limit is crossed on the existing plan.The Welcome Offer on Jio SIM card provides 4 GB of data free of cost every day but in case you exhaust the limit before the day ends, there is no word on how the additional data consumption will be charged. Reliance Jio has released add-on packs starting from INR 151 to 5000, which offer additional 1 to 75 GB of 4G LTE data, once the daily free data limit has been exhausted. However, if the user does not opt for any add on pack, they will either be charged at INR 250/GB or turn the data off and wait for the next day as the data counter is reset. Therefore, in reality the cheap data plan is not actually cheap but just a marketing gimmick as with the speed of 4G LTE, it does not take much time for 4 GB to get over. And when you are under the illusion that it is unlimited free, you do not really keep a tab.


Next big thing claimed by Reliance Jio is of unlimited voice calls and SMS to any network across India. While unlimited calling is legit, the SMS bit comes with a catch too as users can only send 100 free SMS in a day and may have to pay after that or wait for the next day. This is because of TRAI guidelines, which was brought into effect to curb SMS marketers. Next up is the unlimited 4G data night, which sounded way too good to be true. In reality, according to Reliance Jio night time starts at 2 AM and ends at 5AM, which is just 3 hours. Moreover, it is being speculated that this offer will only be applicable on Reliance Jio apps.

Coming to Reliance Jio Apps, while it offers everything from online payment to streaming TV shows, comes with its own catch. Apparently, this suite of apps only works on Jio Network and if you switch to an Airtel Wi-FI at home, they will cease to work. Also, the data consumed by these apps is debited from the monthly data tab and only the access to them is free. This is a sneaky move from Reliance to get users to stay on Jio network for data usage, which is charged on actual unlike calls and SMS. We put these fine prints by Reliance Jio out in the open so that our readers can avoid disappointment.

In a nutshell, while Reliance Jio has indeed created a history and is the cheapest network in the world as of now, the brand has to generate revenue somehow. It has achieved that but with limit caps, which would not condemn as 4GB a day is still too much for an average user and unlimited calls is still legit.



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