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When is it the right time to Sell/Upgrade your Phone?

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Each one of us loves our phones. These small devices have become a necessity for us and living without them is unimaginable for our generation. Some of us like to keep up with the pace of advancements in technology, always on edge with the latest phones out there, but others like to keep their old phone as long as they can as they love it like a dear friend.

Buying a new phone is both exciting and painstaking at the same time. We like to have something new but some of us feel it to be a burden to get used to the new phone, its interface, its feel et cetera. But there are times when there is a real need for an upgrade from your old phone. There are a few subtle signs for this which we will be discussing in this article.

Your Phone becomes out of date

Most of us like to keep our stuff as long as it can hold. But sometimes the articles become too out of date to be used.


This is a sure sign for you to update your phone. You might be someone who likes to use your old phone but it may not be trendy and may make you feel out of place. To change this, it’s better to sell your old handset and buy a new one.

Your Phone becomes less responsive

With time, everything we use loses its natural snappiness.  This is true even for our latest technology. Every phone has a pre-specified amount of time until when it can work flawlessly, but after this, there will be a very visible performance lag which you can observe easily.


When you feel your phone become less and less snappy and feel the lag under your fingertips, it’s better for you to move on, sell your old handset and upgrade to a better one.

Your Phone behaves strangely

As technology grows older, it starts showing few symptoms which show that the device won’t last much longer. These are like diseases which try to signal the inevitable doom of your beautiful handset.


Overheating, short battery span, memory lag, performance lag et cetera are a few of these symptoms. Depending on the severity of the problems, you should consider upgrading your phone.

Your Phone becomes damaged beyond repair

If your phone has been fastened with cell-o-tape and there are pieces protruding out of the handheld, need I say more?


Some of us use our devices far too roughly or far too long leading to the inevitable damage in the hardware. This is surely a sign for you to change your phone as soon as possible.

These were just some of the signals which can help you know when to upgrade your device. Consider these factors the next time you feel like upgrading or selling your phone.

What to do with such a phone?

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