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When is it the Right Time to Upgrade your Desktop?


The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the good old desktop computers is their sheer power. Most desktops are significantly more powerful than their portable counterparts. Keeping this in mind, the best applications for these wonders could be gaming, home needs, office work et cetera.

But you know what? After a while, it becomes inevitable to upgrade your desktop just like any other gadget you might have. But what are the symptoms or signs that can signal that you need a change in your system? Let’s find out.

Symptom #1: System lag

This is the most obvious sign that your computer has run its lifetime. When your PC starts showing lags and stutters in places where previously it performed well, it’s surely time for an upgrade.


Even the computers with the most awesome specs have a lifetime after which they are no longer as good as they were before. When you start seeing such underperformance from your system, try to check in for some malfunctioning hardware, or other software problems, if you can find none, your PC is close to its inevitable fall.

Symptom #2: Your hardware is out of shape

Another sure sign is that the condition of your hardware is not the best. It might just be problems related to the keyboard, a few dead pixels on your monitor, or anything else for that matter. You could obviously just replace the broken component, but sometimes this won’t be enough.


At times like these, upgrading your PC would help a lot.

Symptom #3: Your hardware/software is outdated

Some of us have antique desktops which could be easily sold to a museum for a fortune, just kidding. But these systems will not be useful to you in the modern day speed based society.


So if you want to have a better experience, sell off those broken pieces and buy a new computer for yourself.

So, now that you know how to spot problems in your desktop which require attention via upgrading, what should you do with your old PC if you buy a new one?

You could just sell it off to refurbishment companies for a fairly good price.

You could use it for media use.

You could use the functioning parts to make your new PC perform better.

Or you could tell us what else you could do by using the comments section below.


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