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Samsung Flip Announced In India For Rs 3,00,000


Samsung displays are considered to be one of the best in the entire world. The Galaxy S series has always been praised for the fact that it has such crystal clear displays and the fact that Samsung has always produced the OLED displays hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Samsung’s USP- OLED Displays

Apple, amongst many other manufacturers, has been heavily reliant on the Samsung branded OLED panels and with good reason. Samsung is the world’s biggest producer of OLED displays. As a matter of fact, Samsung’s revenue majorly comes from its semi-conducting NAND chip business and through the production of its OLED displays.

In that respect, the size of the display is no bar for Samsung. Most of its TVs are now only coming equipped with OLED panels, However, what Samsung has unveiled on 1 April is something that is quite revolutionary indeed.

Who Will Use It?

The Samsung Flip is no ordinary display. It is completely white as opposed to the traditional black displays. The Flip can be considered as an aid to professionals in team meetings or during any kind of roundtable discussions at your workplace. The company has priced the device at Rs 3,00,000 so it is quite clear that the main purpose of this device is only for office usage.

So how does one navigate through on this device? Palm swipe is quite clearly the main way through which you can browse your files, and do a variety of other things such as scroll the screen or try to erase text.

Flip – Key Features

The digital whiteboard has dimensions of 1302.6 x 805.5 x 52.0mm while and weighs around 28.9 kg. As a matter of fact, the Samsung Flip board can have as many as 20 pages of writing space which the company says can give out highly lag free and seamless scrolling. This means that there is actually a very fine line separating the pages.

In terms of the display, the Flip has a 55-inch screen with 4K UHD resolution. The orientation of the display can be customised to portrait orientation of 2160×3840 pixel resolution and also to landscape orientation 3840×2160 pixel resolution.

The flip also has InGlass technology which is one of its characteristic features. It enables silky smooth functioning of the board and it also promises to be an interactive and an intuitive surface.

For other types of input, the board comes with two touch pens whose pen colours can be modified to different colours.The Flip also has support for something called the passive touch technology wherein the users can use any pointed object as a pen. The company also provides an optional portable stand for interested buyers.

For sharing some kind of real-time content with all of the participants, the display has the ability to connect with different people through screen mirroring, NFC or through an HDMI. Meanwhile, for sharing, it supports network storage, USB drive, printing, and email.