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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Arrive Soon!


Rumors are surfacing all around on the internet about the recent activity of tech giant Samsung. It is reported that Samsung seems to be working on its next project which none other than Galaxy Note 6. It is being indicated by various sources that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will also inherit the features of being dustproof and waterproof similar to Galaxy S7 that was recently launched in India.



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The much anticipated Note 6 will be powered by the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 SoC. Under the hood, Note 6 will also feature an Iris scanner and a fingerprint sensor in addition. In case rumors are to be believed, it is said that Samsung has been experimenting with a standard screen as well as 5.8-inch Quad HD Curved Screen on Galaxy Note 6. Looks like its high time to sell old mobiles.


As stated by other reports, the company will be launching one variant only. Samsung is also testing the upcoming note with Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 as well as the chipsets of Exynos 8. Moreover, the Galaxy Note 6 is expected to come with 6GB RAM.




Going forward, other features of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 include a dual pixel front camera of 12MP with improved camera interface. Any plans to sell old mobiles yet? As the phablet is under a testing stage, details about the expected price & the availability of Galaxy Note 6 are not stated yet in any of the reports.


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