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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fizzles over battery flaw

Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7

Samsung demonstrated an impeccable timing and competitiveness by launching the Galaxy Note 7 just a couple of weeks before Apple launch of iPhone 7. It goes without saying that Samsung and Apple do not see eye to eye and would go to any extent to whitewash each other. Samsung perfectly managed to do that but soon fizzled out as well. If the reports are to be believed, Galaxy Note 7 is prone to catching fire while charging, which is quite dangerous. This has put the South Korean handset maker in the tight corner as their plan to outshine Apple completely backfired. Samsung has announced a worldwide recall of around 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 sold to date and has assured the users to replace the handset for free. The brand reported that it found fault in the battery of devices sold in 10 countries, including South Korea and the U.S. However, devices sold in China are assumed to be safe as a different battery manufacturer has been used for them.

Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7

Leading carriers and retail outlets in above mentioned countries have suspended the sale of Galaxy Note 7 following the reports and it is being speculated that the India launch would be delayed as well. The report first started pouring in when a South Korean user posted a picture of his charred Galaxy Note 7 and claimed to have woken up to a burning smell. Samsung has also confirmed the same and reported that it has received 35 such reports from users around the world. The brand also mentioned that for every million handsets sold, it found fault in at least 24 handsets. This is a major setback for the South Korean handset maker as iPhone 7 is all set to launch next week and its strongest contender has been recalled. However, we do believe that the Galaxy Note 7 will soon make a comeback and whenever it does, it would gnaw at the sales of upcoming Apple handset. After all, it is the best handset in the lineup of biggest tech giant in the world.


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