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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production stopped: Biggest fiasco so far!


In the shocking turn of events, Samsung has announced that the production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be stopped and with that the entire fiasco comes to an end. This is the first time that a major handset manufacturer has dropped its flagship device days after its launch. Notably, Samsung tried to dampen the launch of new Apple iPhones with the launch of its new phablet and fell flat on its face. T

he South Korean handset maker accepted to have received around a dozen cases of exploding batteries in Note 7 on September 1, 2016 and since then over 112 cases have been reported. So much was the threat around the new phablet that Airport Authorities around the world including FAA had banned the device to be carried aboard.


At first, the handset maker offered to replace the faulty sets with galaxy S7 or S7 Ede that too free of cost. Samsung also provided an option to its customers to swap their phone or receive money. “This is compensation for our customers who experienced a big inconvenience,” the company said in a statement. They then went on to recall every unit that has been sold and also pulled it off the shelves in retail stores. In all this, Samsung is reported to have suffered a loss close to USD 2.3 Billion in all of these and over USD 14 Billion in stocks. This indeed is a troublesome news for the brand and the reason behind shutting down the flagship altogether. Last, Samsung was reported to be sending fireproof boxes to existing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to safely return the device with a warning to keep the device switched off.


So, where did the brand go wrong with the newest phablet? According to the brand, the supplier of batteries had a manufacturing error, which resulted in negative and positive ends of batteries to come into contact by pressure. However, Samsung claimed to have solved the issue by restricting the charge level to 60 percent with a firmware upgrade, with no solid explanation from the brand. Moreover, there is no explanation as to why even safe devices launched after the recall also exploded and South Korean maker also did not offer any except for simply dropping the whole flagship device like hot potato. With no solid reason in sight, all that Indian buyers can do is to look for the alternative as Galaxy Note 7 is now not coming at all to the country. And there is no better device then an Apple iPhone 7, in sight for now.


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