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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 teasers have begun


The Galaxy Note 8 is going to be a great deal for Samsung. Especially since Note 7 turned out to be a disappointment for the company, after multiple complaints about the phone. S

amsung’s reputation was at stake. Battery issues led to the phone blowing up into flames at many instances. Samsung is now hoping to revive their status with the launch of Note 8.

Will Note 8 restore people’s faith in the brand?

The question that needs to be addressed here is that will Samsung’s brand image be restored with Note 8’s entry into the market? Rumours indicate that Note 8 is ready to be released in August, and Samsung has confirmed this too. The teasers for Note 8 have started making their way online.

Note 8 will look almost similar to S8 and S8+ but with the curves on the edges flattened out. It is expected to sport a screen size of 6.3 inches. The physical home screen button does not exist anymore in Note 8. A finger print sensor would be located beside the rear camera lens.

We can expect the phone to be a little thicker to accommodate for the S pen inside. VentureBeat says that it will have a battery support of 3,300 mAh. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be available in black, blue and gold options at launch, and would be priced somewhere around $879.