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Face Off: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9


Launched within a mere 2 hours of each other, Samsung and HTC, the kings of the Android smartphone making community, launched their flagship phones on March 1st at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Both phones were heavily leaked first hand before being launched which was seriously responsible for building up hype for the launch. While most leaks of the Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S6, pointed towards a single phone, HTC’s flagship was leaked in a surprising set of 2 designs, some of the leaks supporting one of those. One of the designs leaked was with a new fully glassed front while the other was an almost exact replica of the previous generation flagship, the One (M8). Finally, we were shown the M8 styled device at the launch event.


HTC this year, decided to just slightly upgrade the older device to match latest specs while introducing a batter camera too. Samsung however, decided to learn from their past mistakes and make a completely new device, finally ditching plastic for metal, and tons of other features packed in their flagship, and also launching a partner device to the S6, the S6 Edge, incorporating their famed YOUM displays allowing the phone to flaunt a screen curved on both the left and the right. 3 months past the launch and now we are stuck in a dilemma. Which device is better and which to buy?

Let’s go ahead with this epic face off between the top spot contenders of the smartphone industry.



HTC skyrocketed to fame when they launched the HTC One (M7), almost purely for their design. The device was, hands down, the most beautiful piece of art as a smartphone closely fighting with Apple’s iPhone on the same. The M9 is, quite obviously then, not a badly designed phone at all. The thing that disappointed most people though, is that most of the device looks absolutely the same like the previous gen flagship phone. Samsung, on the other hand, went back to the basics and redesigned their new flagship, finally ditching plastic for metal. The phone from some angles though, looks similar to an iPhone 6 (dare we say?). On the design front, both are very beautiful phones.




While the HTC phone features a typical 1080p HD display, the Galaxy S6 has a mind boggling 2K display. On the camera front, HTC finally ditched its ultra pixel strategy for a 20MP sensor. Samsung has a 16MP camera. The Selfie cameras are 4MP and 5MP sensors respectively.


On the performance front however, the Galaxy device beats the M9 in every possible way based on CPU performance and speed, as it features Samsung’s latest Exynos processor, which is currently the fastest processor available. HTC has the Snapdragon 810 processor, which has recently been found to cause overheating issues on smartphones. The RAM on the phones is the same, 3GB.


OS and UI:


Both the phones run on the latest complete build of Android, i.e. Lollipop. But on the UI front, both companies take a radically different approach. HTC offers its Sense UI while Samsung, its Touchwiz. Comparing the speeds of operation on the interfaces, both are almost as fast as each other, while the Sense may be able to launch its Blinkfeed page a tiny bit faster than its Samsung counterpart.


The Galaxy S6 will cost you Rs. 36,000/- while the HTC will cost you Rs. 40,000/-. When deciding to buy any of these phones, consider your budget and your preferences. After all, every phone sale is based on personal choice rather than world appeal.


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